First, thank you for visiting our website.

We are a family run business since 2015.

We started our business to corporate with some drop shipper company, because we had no place to keep products in stock and our liquidation was so poor.

Because of these we know how hard and sometimes how expensive can be to find and register to a drop shipper company.

After our hard job we found some companies to working with, but the quality wasn’t always so good, and we had a lot of problems with the companies and the customers.

This is why we started to investing to our business and buy the printing and cutting staffs and do the jobs for ourselfs.

Luckily our hard jab was good for everyone. For us and for the customers. No we can provide the quality what we want to give.

After hundreds of satisfied customers we discussed to run our drop shipper services.

We still uploaded our products, so if you can’t find something just send an e-mail to us and we will upload that product as soon as possible.

We know how hard and expensive can be to start a business like this so we tried to find out a middle way to help the people like You.

We tried to make plans for every ones.

You can order only from the products you wanna sell or you can get a complete website like this.

We hope if you want to start your own business to sell personalized printed products with us our cooperation will be useful.

More information about our drop shipping please click here.
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